Jake Watts

Student | Web Developer | 3D Designer

About Me

I'm currently a student at Bournemouth University studying Digital Media Design. My course covers all sorts of things, including web and mobile app design. Previously I attended Weymouth College where I studied Interactive Media Design which was mostly Flash Design but also covered a bit of game design using GLBasic.

I'm very interested in mobile app design and have started to teach myself to make apps for different platforms which I've gone into more detail below. I drew and rendered all the graphics that are on this site.

I maintain a blog, which can be found here.

My Work

Interactive Experience

If you are viewing this on a fairly decent computer then you can try out this interactive experience that will let you explore the content on this website in first person as if you were browsing. Unfortunatly this is not avaliable on mobile. As it is fairly large it may take a while to load, when waiting for it, give it time.

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